Who we are

Our company, which started its activities in the sector as a family company in 1995, has been continuing its production activities in the guipure and embroidery product groups under the “BROCHE” brand name since 2002. Our company, which is among the biggest suppliers of products in the fields of underwear, outerwear and home textiles in the sector, combines high quality and fast production policy with flexible service understanding with wide product range and different production options. In 2000, Estar Tekstil has started to make tulle and ground fabric, which is the main entrance of production, then in 2002 dyeing and finishing processes have been put into the service, which is the continuous process of making the production process fully integrated.
We are able to serve the world famous textile brands with its strong production structure which gives integration. It is the result of our systematic work that we have built on the principles we have. We can produce high quality products at reasonable costs by integrating our corporate values with universal management principles and applying technological developments in machinery platforms.



We are proud to represent our country abroad by combining years of experience in the sector with modern production techniques and to see our selected products on the trend tables at PREMIERE VISION exhibitions we have participated every year.


Our product design and quality standards to consolidate our place among the leading companies in the world, our designs will stick in your mind, together with the quality of our line is protected by BROCHE to provide redefinition of quality.


Estar Textile adopts European Standards in its understanding of customer satisfaction and aims to make its position in the international market permanent by protecting its current developing position among the leading companies of the Turkish textile industry.