Our company, which has a total of 18.000 square meters open area and 10.000 square meters closed area with the production structure capable of producing multicoloured, borer and cord patterns production and changing production options according to flexible conditions and our company is preparing new collections 5 times a year from different product groups. We have the capability of delivering customer demands quickly by applying different product and variant options in the sample production process. With the total production capacity of more than 5,000,000 meters per year in 30 embroidery machinery platforms, it is one of rare manufacturer in Turkey. Our company manufactured more than 40 thousand designs in our facility and applies production processes in compliance with environmental- friendly and total quality standards.

In the dyeing course of our integrated facility, there are 5 beam dyeing boiler, 11 HT-dyeing machines, 2 Overflow dyeing machine for samples and automatic goods opening&packing machines in various sizes.