Marketing – Export

Thanks to our marketing strategies that we have developed in the international textile market, we export to 30 countries of the world as a consequence and in addition to this we do supply products to the ready-to-wear and home textile sectors in our country.


Instead of the usual designs and stereotypes, we present our new collections that our experienced team has prepared according to different and sectorel expectations . We direct our collections in this direction by following fashion and season trends.

Sample and Fabric Swatch Process

As a valued customer you are, when you look at the sample, we produce samples that are visually and one-to-one reminiscent of the production and we can deliver the samples quickly.


We apply flexible production processes that can quickly produce different quantities in good quality by considering your demands. We produce our raw materials by our machines in our own facilities, we make 100% computerized production and reduce the error rate to the minimum with our fully automatic machines located in our advanced machinery platforms.

Quality Control

Quality is the fundamental for BROCHE in every process of our production. Errors that may occur are eliminated with successive quality control processes and acted with “zero problem” principle.

Embroidery Repairment

Faults detected with quality control are processed again with the sense of being restarted and passed through meticulously quality control processes again. You just receive and see the final products in the best quality, not the problems.


In contradistinction to many facilities, we can dye our products and raw materials in our own dyehouse and get the intended colours in the way we want. We do not use any intermediary to perfect the variants we have achieved during the design process and we get excellent colours in our high-tech dyeing facility.

Cutting and Packaging

We shape and pack your products in a way that does not interfere with ergonomic and logistical processes according to your preferences.


In order not to delay the delivery process and to prevent the products from being damaged in the shipment, we manage the shipment phase carefully as from the packaging process and ensure that the products completely reach the customers on time.