First Step: Preparation of Sketch

It is a long and difficult process to prepare a collection by considering fashion trends and customer demands. The first step of the designing process is sketching, or drafting. This work is a preliminary drawing process for revealing the pattern in general terms. Also this work is a kind of embroidery art where the designers transfers their imagination onto a paper before the design occurs, this process done entirely by hand drawing without using the digital apparatus.


After the charcoal drawing, the pattern that is now well shaped has begun to take its final shape. The fine details on the paper are revealed by favour of coloured pencils, which helps to get the final shape of the design before punching process.

Punch Process

It is time for the final touches on the paper to be transferred into the computer environment to prepare the embroidery machine for work. This phase called the punching process, is a bridge between design and machine. Punching process is; the design to be worked on is to be given to the machine by millimetric commands to the needle movements and the orientation of the yarn on the fabric.

Variant Study

The hard and enjoyable part of the work is colour selection. Our design team is able to select appropriate yarn, fabric and different printing options in line with seasonal trends, skillfully use the right colors, and make the final touches to complete the design. The most important goal of our design team is to be able to gain the appreciation of our clients in the center of our business by using the right colours in the collections and creating trend designs.


It is now ready to be presented to our customers, once we have completed the latest designs on our wide machinery department.